Fr. Ted Festival 2024

It's that time of year again when tea and sandwiches and all of the usual high jinx activities are being prepared for the Annual Fr. Ted Festival – Tedfest. The 2024 Tedfest will take place from 7th - 10th March with events taking place on the largest of the Aran Islands, Inis Mór (Inishmore). We're looking forward to welcoming enthusiastic TedFesters on our ferry!

The festival pays homage to the legendary TV series, Father Ted. 2024 is expected to see original cast members Fr Damo (Joe Rooney) and Eoin McLove (Patrick McDonell) in attendance.

Planned events include Buckaroo and Movie Charades, a Jesuit Country & Western Hour, Priests v Nuns Beach Volleyball. Oh, and of course the annual Lovely Girls Competition!

As Tedfest, to paraphrase Mrs Doyle's horrific pun, is bound to be tea-riffic, tickets to this year's festival that celebrates Craggy Island's finest are hard to get. Tickets for Tedfest are limited to the amount of accommodation available on the island. Now that accommodation is full, tickets are limited, unless you want to camp, there is a good campsite on the island. hope to release a final batch of tickets should more accommodation become available. To put yourself on a list that will get notice, please email and see more information on tickets here. Book your ferry to Craggy Island with Aran Island Ferries here.