Aran Island Ferries strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and believes that a successful future for our business and the passengers we serve depends on the sustainability of the environment, communities and economies in which we operate.

We bear a responsibility to consider the impact of our actions and how they affect the environment. We are committed the minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment by integrating environmental considerations into all our business practices. Aran Island Ferries also instil in our employees, customers, and suppliers our dedication to creating sustainable practices for our business.

Here some of the practices Aran Island Ferries adopt to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment

We operate the biggest domestic ferries in the country to improve the efficiency of our service. In 2020, Aran Island Ferries introduced Ireland's biggest domestic ferry, “Saoirse na Farraige,” to our fleet. This increased the capacity of a single ferry from 294 passengers to 392 and enabled us to conserve fuel usage by not operating several smaller boats at the same time.

Aran Island Ferries ensure all vessels are built with the highest specifications and the environment in mind. Our newest vessel is the most environmentally friendly domestic ferry in the country with engine exhaust emissions that are Tier 4 compliant. The vessel is built with ballast tanks that can be filled in inclement weather to steady the ship and emptied, instead of using stabilizers, which create a drag and are uneconomical.

The vessels are constructed of aluminum, this means they don’t corrode (rust). When it's necessary to repaint, we use the best paint systems available to reduce the repainting times including Intersleek antifouling which is the first biocide free antifouling for the marine industry.

We are a member of the Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2), Ireland’s first Hydrogen Valley. The hub is used for research, and aims to produce and supply clean, green, hydrogen fuel for public and private vehicles.

Aran Island Ferries are also proud members of Sustainable Travel Ireland, Ireland's longest running body for the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism.

We have digitized our shuttle bus and ferry ticketing system which has benefited our customer experience and almost completely eliminated paper tickets.

Our sewage is contained and transferred ashore to be treated.